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A Night for Unlimited Belgian Beers

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An ordinary Friday turned into cheese-traordinary beer-day on April 20th, 2018 in Makati at Old Swiss Inn Restaurant. It was the night for unlimited authentic Belgian beers, cheese, canapés, and sausages. The night was made more interesting when our media partner, was given a little presentation by Romain Hotterbeex, the Sales Director of Les Deux Belges. He shared to the team the history of each beers, how they are being made, how best to enjoy them, and showed them the right way to pour each one.

The beers Les Deux Belges has chosen for this event are:

  • Blanche de Bruxelles: a whitbeer for those who just wants to chill on a Friday night. If you’re not a beer drinker like me, I would recommend this. It is very light, and easy to drink. If summer has a taste, then I betcha, Blanche de Bruxelles is it.
  • Cuvee Des Trolls: a pale ale that smells like your favorite perfume, and tastes like happy dance. It is mild, a bit sweet because of its fruity notes, and smooth to drink.
  • Newton: an apple fruit beer. This is the kind of beer that you can trick your beer-hating-mom to drink. Just tell her it’s a soda, and she’ll buy one case after just one sip.
  • Barbar Bok: a strong brown ale that has real honey. You will feel like drinking some kind of juice because of its sweetness, but trust me when I tell you: Don’t judge the alcohol content of the beer by its taste. Don’t be like me. More specifically, don’t drink the whole bottle of a 8.5% beer in one go. Still… did I regret it? No. Will I do it again? Nope (only because I wasn’t able to enjoy fully my next round lol). But for the love of me, Barbar Bok is my ultimate favorite!
  • Hopus: a blonde ale. If you like your beer strong, and bitter, but also citrucy, you will love Hopus. This is best served ice-cold.
  • Bush Ambree: an amber ale that has 12% alcohol content. So clearly, this beer is not for the weak of heart.

I hope you’re craving to try these, and more of our beers now cos believe it or not, you can have ‘em at your doorstep within a couple of hours when you order now at!😱😍 Delivery within Metro Manila is FREE! So cheers to your new-found favourite Belgian beer!

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