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Les Deux Belges visits Brasserie Lefebvre

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Our tour’s first leg brings us to Quenast to visit the very first brewery we signed up with- Brasserie Lefebvre. The brewery started small for the sole reason that its owner and their neighbours love beer. Soon after its first brew on 1876, Brasserie Lefebvre has been supplying beer to its nearby pubs where men from the quarry hang out after a long day of work.

The brewery’s portfolio started to grow through the years, with a significant addition of the Abbey of Floreffe’s very own brews by the 1980s. Three decades later, the brewery has been producing a wider range of beers from whites to fruity beers, including dark and honeyed beers, and happily hoppy ones.

We were met by Peter De Lausnay, Brasserie Lefebvre’s Export Director. Peter and Greg has been in contact since August 2016, since the inception of Les Deux Belges. Peter gave us a tour of their wonderful brewery while he shared snippets of its rich history.

The brewery may be small but it has the capacity to produce 100,000 bottles and 1,400 kegs per day. Each nook is made and polished to withstand the test of time – while the brewery’s structure itself is old, each equipment is newly purchased and maintained to ensure its peak performance.

The brewery stands atop the windy region of Quenast. While the weather conditions are optimal for beer-making, Brasserie Lefebvre takes the extra mile to ensure that their beers’ temperature are kept steady, from bottling to storage.

The beers come in different shapes and sizes, ready to please all consumer needs. They also created modern, lighter one-way kegs which keep the beer’s quality intact. Buyers need not worry about returning the kegs after a weekend of partying.

While most breweries resort to using artificial sweeteners for their fruit beers, Brasserie Lefebvre goes all out using real fruits and flavours for theirs- one sip of the Belgian Kriek will attest to that. The brewery boasts a diverse selection which caters to every taste. The ladies would surely love their newest addition, the Blanche de Bruxelles Rosee- a classy beer for everyone who loves champagne.

They spare nothing when it comes to presentation. Hopus, one of their premium award-winning beers comes in a classic pop-it bottle and its very own glass. We enjoyed this drink immensely during dinner in Taverne d’Arenberg one of the local pubs which serve all of Brasserie Lefebvre’s selections.

Brasserie Lefebvre also gives back to the community and the environment by ensuring they have the lowest chemical footprint as much as possible.

Les Deux Belges will be importing 9 beers from Brasserie Lefebvre. Check out our catalog to know which you’d be having in your parties soon.

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