We are Les Deux Belges,

An Importing and Distributing Company, bringing Authentic Belgian Beers to the Philippines!

Who are we

Les Deux Belges Corp. is a Manila-based importer of Authentic Premium Belgian Beers to the Philippines. Established in 2016, Les Deux Belges is positioned to be a wholesaler, distributor and a trailblazer when it comes to introducing Belgium’s specialties to Metro Manila. It was founded by President Gregory Tutt and Treasurer Emmanuel de Ghellinck, both Belgians who have dedicated their careers to opening up new opportunities the Belgium – Philippines connection.

Les Deux Belges starts its business as a beer importer, partnering up with several notable local breweries in Belgium. Its presence in the Philippines introduces a new market for resellers and partners who would like to redistribute or directly sell Les Deux Belges’ product offerings, primarily, their premium Authentic Belgian Beers. Les Deux Belges also plans to import other Belgian specialties as it expands its array of products and services.

Les Deux Belges assures its partners, distributors and customers that each product and interaction is done with quality, community and trust in mind. It also aims to allot more employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to the Filipino people in line with its business needs.

Les Deux Belges is positioned to provide a new niche in the alcohol beverage market today, opening a gateway for everyone in the Philippines to experience the best of Belgium at the heart of Metro Manila.

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