2017 was a big year for us.

We were very thrilled as our first container of Belgian Beers arrived in the Philippines. I still recall how excited we were when our broker told us that our beers have safely landed and are on its way to our refrigerated warehouse… just a few days before our launch party! Today’s almost our first anniversary

It still feels like yesterday – a Friday payday, and I got a 10:00 PM call from our broker Shanda who cheerfully told me, “Greg, your truck’s leaving the Manila North Port and is on its way to your warehouse!”. I sprang out of bed and braved the traffic, and waited… for FOUR HOURS!!! Then finally, I saw this MAGNIFICENT 40 footer refrigerated cargo that’s full and loaded with our dreams…

Our Journey

From that night moving forward, we remain as passionate and committed to bring you only the Best and Authentic Belgian Beers fresh from the famous brewers of Belgium. Here’s our first year, in numbers…

Number of Breweries
Number of beers sold
Number of Containers in 2017
different beers
meters of beer rack sold
Bottles of Whisky sold
Grocery stores
Regular Bars and Restaurants

First Year Anniversary

I would like to take this time to personally invite you to our first year anniversary on January 19, 2018 at Cafe Curieux. We will have our famous Belgian Beers at a special discounted rate JUST FOR YOU, from 7:00 PM – 12 MN. You can view the details of the event here.

Authentic Belgian Beers Flow At Cafe Curieux

From the bottom of my heart, I really want to thank all the people who made this possible. Romain, who joined us in February and is doing the sales heavy lifting, Vanessa for her incredible help with Marketing and much more, and of course, our beloved omnipresent Janine who’s always available to help.

Shoutout to our local partners who went above and beyond to help us complete our paperworks and legal / compliance requirements – Makoy from BPI Serendra, our brokers Shanda and Heide, and Kathleen, Laurence and Carol from P&S.

Happy new year everyone, and see you on the 19th!


Author Gregory

A french speaking, Belgian living in the Philippines, I am someone super passionned and beer is really one of them. I co-founded Les Deux Belges to bring the best of the best to the Philippines with the up-most respect our products are deserving.

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