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Enter the Golden Dragon

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We are welcoming another big player in the Belgian beer crafting industry. They’ve been at it for three centuries so there’s no question why…

Les Deux Belges has recently sealed a partnership with Brouwerij Van Steenberge!

About the brewery:

Back in 1784, it was deemed safer to drink beer than water. Enter a genius who turned predicament to opportunity, and made a living for his family.

Years down the line, the brewery added the precision of science to their centuries-old magic and came up with browns and lagers that were shockers in their time.

“I was born a brewer, I will die a brewer” has been the family’s vision, short of becoming their coat of arms.

And seven generations since its birth on the 1700s, the family prevailed with massive enhancements on their brewery and new additions to their renowned product line. The Van Steenberge brewery and their name has since been synonymous to traditional brewing and its beautiful evolution throughout time.

What are they famous for? Here’s a list:

  • Belgian Brewery of the Year 2016 – New York International Beer Competition
    Consistent winner and showstopper at the yearly International Beer Challenge in London
  • Three generations of fine-tuning the complex process of secondary fermentation which allows the beers to have its distinct, very personal taste
  • Piraat, because it’s all about the booty
  • Gulden Draak, because it’s royalty in a bottle

We’ll be updating our catalogue with the best from the Van Steenberge brewery, soon!


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A french speaking, Belgian living in the Philippines, I am someone super passionned and beer is really one of them. I co-founded Les Deux Belges to bring the best of the best to the Philippines with the up-most respect our products are deserving.

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