Les Deux Belges First Anniversary Highlights

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Les Deux Belges Turned One!

We celebrated Les Deux Belges’ First Year Anniversary last Friday in Cafe Curieux and had overwhelming support from our friends, from excited Beer Enthusiasts, and new people who have just discovered Belgian beers.

Only 90 attendees confirmed they’re joining when we posted our Les Deux Belges First Year Anniversary event in Facebook… by 3:00 AM, we’ve counted nearly 200 people who joined us as we celebrated our anniversary.

Last Friday’s event was reminiscent of our first launch, held exactly a year ago. A lot of people personally thanked us for bringing high quality, Authentic Belgian Beers to the Philippines.

While there’s a lot of beers available, they shared that they have always had a special spot for Belgian Beers (especially the strong ones!) which can’t be filled even by the most popular alternatives.

“Your Beers Are Actually CHEAPER Than Craft Beers!”. “Beers Don’t Need To Be Labeled ‘Craft’ To Be Really Good!”

Someone Told Us

Authentic Belgian Beers at friendly prices!

Although we import our beers directly from the best breweries in Belgium and painstakingly take great efforts to retain its quality during the transportation and storage, we made sure that our beers can be afforded by anyone. It has always been our mission to share our love for Belgian beers to Filipinos, who equally love discovering new booze to share.

“You Guys Have A Very Nice Truck” - “Yeah, Well, It’s Beery Delightful”.

They Said

2017, 2018, onwards!

We showed some of the photos from last year’s launch and we’re so glad to see most that most of them joined our anniversary. In 2019, we’ll be showing this year’s anniversary photos, and we’re hoping that everyone who supported us since 2017 will be there!

The Les Deux Belges team thanks EVERYONE who shared this fond moment and memory with us.

We’d like to thank Cafe Curieux for hosting us on our special day and Acoustic Ladyland for the wonderful rockoustic performances.

View the rest of our event’s photos here! 


Cheers, and may we share more cold beers!

Les Deux Belges Team

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