Find out what the Philippines' leading newspaper and digital news provider has to say about Les Deux Belges' beers and whisky!

Les Deux Belges is a Manila-based importer who plans to bring the best of Belgian products to the Philippines. It was established in 2016 by two Belgians, Gregory Tutt and Emmanuel de Ghellinck, who have been residing in the Philippines for about a decade now. Of course, beer is at the top of their priority.

Ankrizel Santos
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Belgium is not exactly known for its whisky, but rather for its delicious beer. The Western European country is proud of its brewery traditions like the Scots are proud of its distillery traditions. But in modern years, more distilleries are popping up in Europe, including in Belgium. The Belgians are out to prove that they are good at making whiskies, too.

Angelo G. Garcia,
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