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Les Deux Belges visits The Owl Distillery

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Our quest for excellent whisky led us to Hesbaye where we spent half a day within the magical walls of The Owl Distillery to explore and experience Belgian Owl, a Single Malt whisky crafted and distilled in Belgium.

The Belgian Owl is a beautiful result of the whisky distilling art, the distinct ingredients which can only be fetched from the region, and The Owl Distillery’s passion for perfection. Its distinct taste and qualities are world-renowned – The Belgian Owl has been winning awards left and right since 2010, distinctions from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible included.

Here are snippets from Gregory Tutt’s tour around The Owl Distillery.

The Belgian Owl Whisky is distilled using original Scottish stills, aged in first fill bourbon casks and bottled at 46% alcohol level. The Belgian Owl Whisky will soon be available in Les Deux Belges!

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