There are many places you could expect to find authentic Belgian Beers but would you expect to find some in the middle of the paradisiac seas in the Philippines ?

Seadoors is an amazing diving live-aboard vessels… I had the chance to dive with them and the experience was exceptional, the staff is very professional and all guests on board were very happy and impressed by the quality of the services.

Pierlo, the owner of the yacht, is an amazing diver, instructor and guide who will always find special spots where you’ll find everything you came for.

Since a few weeks, Seadoors started to offer Belgian Beers to their guests… If this is not a premium service, then I don’t know what you it would be.

Imagine enjoying a Belgian Beer with an amazing view…

You’ll be able to drink the following beers in their original glasses.

For more information, you can contact the Seadoors team.




Author Gregory

A french speaking, Belgian living in the Philippines, I am someone super passionned and beer is really one of them. I co-founded Les Deux Belges to bring the best of the best to the Philippines with the up-most respect our products are deserving.

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