The Belgian Spirit Lives On: Of Beer & Humour

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A lot of people ask us about our logo – even during our business registration, our contacts find out logo rather “cute”, “weird”, or even “provocative”.

Authentic Belgian Beers in Manila

The Origin

We wish to bring only the best from Belgium, starting with our premium authentic Belgian Beers. And what’s the best icon to represent Belgium, and everything Belgian, other than the Manneken Pis?

The Manneken Pis was erected (pun intended) in 1618 right at the centre of Brussels, Belgium, just across the Grand Place. Rather than angels, and figures of mythology, the Belgians show their remarkable humour by making a peeing little man their symbol.

The Manneken Pis has donned hundreds of costumes through the years to celebrate Belgium’s traditions, victories, alliances, or to simply show more of the Belgian’s gift for humour.

In June 2017, it even wore the Barong Tagalog, Philippines’ traditional suits, in celebration of the Philippines 119th year of independence.

In occasion, the statue “pees” milk or beer, in recognition of several international issues and as a demonstration of the Belgians’ love for beers.

Its private dresser, Jacques Stroobants, has created over 200 costumes for the boy since the seventies. He recently passed away, but his work will forever be remembered.

Up till 2016, the Manneken Pis has worn over 1.000 costumes, including the most prized attire it wore in the 1700s from the King of France – a gift of apology sent by Louis XV on behalf of his men who tried to steal it on 1747. 

The Manneken Pis’ costumes, including the work of Jacques Stroobants, can be viewed at the GarderRobe Manneken Pis exhibit.

Some notable costumes of the Manneken Pis

Belgium’s unique flavour, bottled up!

In honour of the Manneken Pis and all that is good in Belgium, our friends at Brasserie Lefebvre brewed Blanche De Bruxelles, a refreshing, award-winning wheat beer and the perfect thirst-quencher anytime of the year.

Blanche de Bruxelles is one of the very first beers we’ve imported to the Philippines, and still remains to be one of our Top 5 best sellers.

In celebration of the life & works of Jacques Stroobants, get yourself one today!

Get one delivered to your doorstep by ordering from our online partner, Drinkka.

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