Our warehouse has finally been upgraded to accommodate more awesome products.

Upgrading our warehouse was not a walk in the park as it was already full and we needed to give way to the new structure before putting everything on it… In the morning, we started to move all the pallets on the right side of the warehouse to allow the left side to be constructed. The workers who installed the structure were very helpful and helped us pro-actively, it was a very nice team.

Once finished, we could start moving the pallets in the new structure to give way to the left side of the warehouse for the other structure.

Unfortunately, the forklift stacker was not available so we had to do everything by hand. In a temperature controller warehouse with workout music, it was very energetic and kind of fun. Well, it was fun until we had to reach the 3rd level of the warehouse.

The good thing is that our marketing material is not that heavy so we could move the glassware on the second level while we tried to keep the beers on the first level… The second level had still to accept our amazing Belgian Owl and a few other beers.

The right structure has been finished almost at the same time that we finished installing all the pallets in the structure that was already finished. It took us an other hour to stack the pallets on the new structure and I must say that we are very proud of the result.

I was really impressed we could accomplish that much work in a day but when you’ve good music, good companions then I guess that everything is possible. Good work to the team and nice working with Metro Structural and Industrial Steelworks.

Our warehouse is now ready to get the shipment of this week.


Author Gregory

A french speaking, Belgian living in the Philippines, I am someone super passionned and beer is really one of them. I co-founded Les Deux Belges to bring the best of the best to the Philippines with the up-most respect our products are deserving.

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