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A Visit to Brasserie Dubuisson

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Our next journey brings us to the west of Belgium as we met with our second featured brewery, Brasserie Dubuisson​. The brewery was founded in 1769 and was independently owned and maintained by one family ever since. Eight generations since its inception, Brasserie Dubuisson is recognised as the oldest, most authentic brewery in Wallonia.

The brewery has seen many hard times and survived two world wars, only to come back stronger than ever. The first beer brand they released was called Bush (available in Blonde and Ambree) one of Belgium’s oldest beer brands 80 years since its first batch.

They have expanded their portfolio since the 1930s to cater to various beer styles. To date, Brasserie Dubuisson exports its beers across 35 countries, which accounts for 44% of its production. Cuvee des trolls, one of their most recent brews is one of their bestsellers, owning 70% of the brewery’s production capacity.

On this trip, Les Deux Belges’ Gregory Tutt​ met up with Brasserie Dubuisson’s Marc Lemay, who showed us around the brewery and gave us a sample of their premium most sought-after Bush beers.

Brasserie Dubuisson’s Bush Blonde, Bush Ambree and Cuvee des Trolls will soon be available in the Philippines, and will be easily within your reach!

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